/Free Cancer Resources - Hindi & Gujarati

Free Cancer Resources - Hindi & Gujarati

Priya Shah Coach

2 modules

English / Hindi / Gujarati

Lifetime access

Meditations & Clearings


- Includes meditations & resources in Hindi & Gujarati language

- Specially created for patients undergoing Cancer Treatement

- Works at Emotional and Sub-conscious level


Hindi Language

1 attachment • 6.06 mins

Forgiveness Meditation

Gujarati Language

1 attachment • 6.06 mins

Forgiveness Meditation

About the creator

About the creator

Priya Shah Coach

I am Priya Shah, a Life Coach and a Spiritual Mentor.

We all go through some kind of crisis in our lives. It could be financial, in relationships or health related. Just as we have to take care of the practical aspects during a crisis, we also have to heal our emotions.

I help individuals attain Emotional Well-Being & enhance their potential so that they can be balanced and can create greater for themselves & the world.


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