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Healing Meditations

Priya Shah Coach

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This program includes Guided Healing Meditations that directly work on the Subconsious and support the healing process.

Cancer patients go through Severe Emotional Crisis and undergo Vulnerable Moments which cannot be understood by anyone else.

These meditations support the cancer patients in bringing Emotional Balance in their daily life, Reduce stress and and thereby Support the overall Healing Process.

What you will learn

Guided Meditations

The meditations are specially designed for Cancer patients and help reduce stress, bring emotional balance and thereby support the healing process.



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Who can do these Meditations

My Story



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Home Frequency

Womb Energy

Inner Smile

The way forward

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Way Forward


Will this affect by other medication?

Meditations help bring emotional balance and do not interfere with any other medication like chemotherapy or radiation.

What if i feel sleepy during the meditation?

It is completely fine if you feel sleepy during the meditation, it will still work at the subconscious level. You can listen to them while resting or while you are awake, with eyes open or with eyes closed. It is recommended that you listen to them when you are relaxed. Kindly do not listen while doing work that requires attention and focus.

How often can i do the meditations?

You can do the meditations multiple times a day, as often as you like.

What if i am getting a headache?

If you are getting a headache or are feeling uncomfortable during the meditations, try to change your position and get comfortable. If there is too much discomfort, then stop the meditation and listen to it some other time.

About the creator

About the creator

Priya Shah Coach

I am Priya Shah, a Life Coach and a Spiritual Mentor.

We all go through some kind of crisis in our lives. It could be financial, in relationships or health related. Just as we have to take care of the practical aspects during a crisis, we also have to heal our emotions.

I help individuals attain Emotional Well-Being & enhance their potential so that they can be balanced and can create greater for themselves & the world.


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