/Release the Fear of Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery & Recurrence

Release the Fear of Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery & Recurrence

Priya Shah Coach

4 modules


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During & After the Treatment


The recordings will help you overcome the fear of any Cancer Treatment Procedure you are undergoing.

Be it related to Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery.

They will also help you release the fear of recurrence and keep you in a high vibe.


What you will learn

Becoming Fearless

You will release the Fears related to cancer, it's treatments and it's recurrence.

Remain in high Vibe

Will help you raise your Vibe from feeling depressed and anxious to feeling optimistic and hpeful.



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How to use this program

My Story


When I say: "Let it Go..."

Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I listen to the recordings?

What if I do it wrong?

What if I feel heavy or nausea while listening?

Will this trigger me?

Releasing Fears

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Release the Fear of Chemotherapy, Radiation or Surgery

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Release the Fear of Cancer Recurrence

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The Way Forward

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Way Forward


How often can i listen to the recordings?

You can listen to all the recordings multiple times. You can listen to them while sleeping or awake, with eyes closed or open, whichever way works for you.

What if i am getting a headache while listening?

Sometimes you might get a slight headache or might feel sleepy while listening. This can happen if there is something which triggers you. This is normal, but if you are feeling too uncomfortable then stop the recording and use it at another time.

Can i listen to the recordings while i am undergoing treatement?

Yes, this works at emotional level and does not interfere with any kind of medication.

Where can i find other similar material?

You can check out my other programs on my website or can arrange a FREE Discovery Call to know more about 1-on-1 coaching which can help you completely shift your body and reality.

About the creator

About the creator

Priya Shah Coach

I am Priya Shah, a Life Coach and a Spiritual Mentor.

We all go through some kind of crisis in our lives. It could be financial, in relationships or health related. Just as we have to take care of the practical aspects during a crisis, we also have to heal our emotions.

I help individuals attain Emotional Well-Being & enhance their potential so that they can be balanced and can create greater for themselves & the world.


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